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"Ars et Sanitas" Co.

The „Ars et Sanitas” Company has been established in 2000, and it is working according to its main scopes: Art and Health.


The main activities are artistic, musical and literary creation and interpretation, concert and other event organisations, publishing (book, score, sound recordings), adult education (arts and healthcare), other health activity (physiotherapy and physiotherapeutic guidance), and several complementary activities, such as advising, advertising, operation of arts facilities, wholesale (book, score, sound recordings), agency for musicians, promotion and author’s rights.


According to the main activities our most important tasks are:


Organisation of music concerts and events, including concerts of baroque, classical, contemporary music from chamber orchestral, ensemble work, through opera aria and operetta concerts, to symphonic orchestral concerts. The venues are churches, town theatres, museums, halls and open-air stages of several towns and cities in Hungary.


One of the contracted tasks of ours is promoting Hungarian contemporary music, and interpreting the pieces on high quality concerts by outstanding, mainly young talented musicians. The A&S Music Industry, which has been created by us in 2003, and it has the mission to support and promote the compositions, which have been written after the 1st of January 2000. We believe that there is interest towards Hungarian contemporary music also in foreign countries and that a common event organised together with the artists of the foreign country could be significant.


For the programmes and goal we apply our publisher activities and media connections.


Promotion and representation of Magda Györi’s and Norbert Nemeth’s work.

Company members:


Norbert Nemeth, managing director

   medical doctor (M.D., Ph.D.), economist (M.B.A.), composer

Mrs. Magda Györi

   writer, film and stage director

Mrs. Zsuzsanna Gyurcsik

   instructor, physiotherapist

"Ars et Sanitas" Co.

Address: 9 Hunyadi J. Str.
                Debrecen, H-4026 Hungary
Tel:          +36 30 278 3993

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