Magda Györi

Born in Budapest on the ides of the last century, she has lived all her life in the city of her birth. Director, writer, editor.


She has shown most of her artistic qualities in the making of television programmes. A ”Niveau-award” holder, she is also the first female assistant cinematographer and first female sport editor in the history of Hungarian television. She has turned her back on new-wave television when it became a commercial medium, awash with so-called starlets and losing all artistic and creative qualities.

She had continued her work in theatres and in concert halls. Two of her most rewarding works had been the introductory concert of Miklós Varga titled ”With thee, my Lord, but without thine help”, and the music evening of László Pelsőczy, ”Millennial amen”.

She has been the director of the adaptation of the drama ”Millennium” written by Miklós Boldizsár, with the collaboration of István Bubik, György Cserhalmi, Sándor Gáspár and Sándor Szakácsi, published on CD and cassette.

In the last fifteen years, she played a part in the cultural life of Hungary through her articles inspiring classical music and her books.


Her series of reportages, ”Without camera”, had brought out three books so far:

1. ”Ki hogyan csinálja” / ”Everyone has their own ways” – new recipes for food and for life (Iskolaszolga Kft., 1991)

2. ”Az ÉN a fontos, nem a haj” / ”Life is about me, not about my hair” – lending a helping hand to balding men (1991)

3. ”A Sors időzít” / ”Providence takes her time” – portraits from the different phases of raising children (Ars et Sanitas, 2001)


She has written several portrait books on excellent artists of the Hungarian society, such as Kamilla Dévai Nagy (”Őszintén… Dévai Nagy Kamilláról” / ”Openly... About Kamilla Dévai Nagy”; Zene-Szó Kft., 2000), Sándor Szakácsi (”Thália szélmalmai között” / ”Among windmills of Thalia” – Sándor Szakácsi; Nemzeti Könyvtár, Codex Print, 1998), Gyula Vikidál (”Vikidál”; Laude Kiadó, 1990) and Miklós Varga (”Egy királyi hang Európa szívéből” / ”A royal voice from the heart of Europe – Miklós Varga”; Szabad Tér Kiadó, 2001).


She has written two literary thrillers under the pseudonym Maggie Greene: ”Halál a szeretet jogán” / ”Death, in the name of love” (Codex Pring, 1998), and ”Meggyilkolt álmok” / ”Slain dreams” (”Ars et Sanitas”, 2000).


She has written opera librettos of high standards:

–  Mendacious romance

–  Monsignore del Dongo

–  Princeps Transsylvaniae

–  Lear of Britain

–  Gwynplaine

–  Akte

–  Csejte, 1605

–  Embers

–  Las dos Fridas

Most of the librettos and other works has been published in the book "Zenére várva " / Waiting for music" (Ars et Sanitas, 2006).


She worked as an editor and as art pedagogue, being one of the founding managers of ”A&S” Music Industry and Con Spirito Musical Art Association. She written a portrait book of young composers entitled "Kezdetek..."  / "Beginnings..." (Con spirito Musical Art Association, 2009).