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“I had the pleasure of hearing Norbert Németh’s opera in a concert-like performance. Even in a non-theatrical form, the dramatic character of the piece was remarkable. Its powerful, charismatic melodies, which fully exploit the possibilities of the singing voice, fall nicely together with the colourful orchestration to form a carefully written musical drama. The music of the piece bears testimony of the autonomous personality of the composer: you will hear an opera independent from stylistic trends, written in a unique musical language. The reviews of this opera and its success at the Miskolc opera competition prove how it touches both professional opera critics and the general audience”  - Iván Madarász, composer, holder of the Erkel Prize and the Bartók-Pásztory Prize, Professor at Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary.


“… The works of Norbert Németh take a different view of values: they mainly build on personal experiences, making it easy for today’s man to relate to the forms and techniques of today’s musical communication… Its musical sensitivity and impressive depiction of emotions, its orchestration and colourful chamber music maintained live contact with the audience, sustaining their sensitivity to beauty even at a late hour.”  - Mihály Duffek, pianist, Dean of Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen (Concert review, November 26, 2012)

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October 17, 2013, 9 p.m.
Recital - opera selections
Kölcsey Concert Hall
Debrecen, Hungary

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June 23, 2013
Opera Galaconcert
National Theatre
Miskolc, Hungary


Reminiscenza, for piano (2013, 4')

Te Deum, oratoric work (2012, 18')

Aias, symphonic fantasia (2012, 18')
Late summer, quartet for oboe, clarinet,
             bassclarinet and bassoon (2012, 5')


Full list of works: here.




June 2014

The a capella choral piece Psalmus XCI won the Second Prize (out of 80 submissions from 25 countries) of the 12th International Composer Competition at the 57th International Choral Art Festival 2014 in Jihlava, Czech Republic.


July 2013

In 2013 his three-act opera Mendacious romance (Italian version Romanza mendace) was selected as one of the finalist works of the ‘Key to the Future’ International Opera Composer Competition announced by the Bartok Plus Opera Festival in Miskolc, Hungary). The opera had been honored by the greatest audience success, and won shared first prize.


July 2013
The opera Mendacious romance (Italian version Romanza mendace) was given the BMO Mainstage Award in the International Composer Competition announced by the Boston Metro Opera (BMO) company.

October 19, 2013, 6 p.m.
Recital - chamber music
Nador Hall
Budapest, Hungary

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